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Professor Yu Guoming Gave a Lecture about Internet and Media Transformation

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    On April 4, professor Yu Guoming, the “Yangtse River Scholar” of Ministry of Education and the director of College of Journalism and Communications in Beijing Normal University, had been presented in School of Humanities to give a lecture about the second-half of internet and the transformation of media. The lecture was hosted by professor Shi Lei, the director of the center of new media and cultural studies. Professor Jiang Ningping and other teachers from department of communication studies had attended the lecture.
    First of all, professor Yu said that media convergence at present is mainly to survive. But the real convergence of media in today’s internet environment must be sure to suit some new needs, new features and sights. The media should review from the view of customers that how to meet these new requirements by new ways and content. That is the correct answer for media convergence.
    For the technological logic of internet, professor Yu made a deep analysis from four questions: What is the internet? What the internet is actually doing? What did the internet do? What is the internet need for a transformation? He believed that the first half of the development of internet had finished the task of connection. Three networks of content, objects and people had been constructed. The life of people had tended to contextualization. It raised some questions like value standard of content. In the second half of internet development, the Big Data processing technology should be used to support technological logic.
    During the interactive section of the lecture, professor Yu had answered some questions about the risk and damage caused by artificial intelligence and the internet. He explained the source of people’s anxiety and the change of privacy in future. Professor Shi Lei had spoken highly of professor Yu’s academic insights and then gave a summary.