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Mr. Cui Gang from Institute of Philosophy Attended National Symposium

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  On March 18, Mr. Cui Gang from institute of philosophy in School of Humanities had attended a national symposium with the theme of the emotional turn in modern transition of Confucianism and the 80 birthday for Mr. Meng Peiyuan. This conference was co-sponsored by  several institutions such as the Institute of Philosophy in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Confucius Foundation in China and editorial department of Confucius Studies. More than 60 scholars were invited to the conference such as Chen Lai, Li Cunshan, Li Jinlin, Yang Guorong. They had made explorations about emotional ture in Confucianism.
  The paper that Mr. Cui Gang offered was “Emotion and Freedom: the thinking about philosophy of emotions from Meng Peiyuan under the sight of the crisis of Modernity”.